Three steps and your information is sent

i-1-1 allows you to communicate your emergency in seconds

Step 1

Select Your Emergency

Choose from our list of commonly reported emergencies.

Step 2

Verify Your Location

“I’m in the safe room by the elevator on the 3rd floor”.

Step 3

Refine And Alert Public

Select multiple tiles to best describe your emergency.

Emergency Notifications

Get Emergency Notifications

Make sure you are aware of your safety and surroundings by opting in to our location-oriented notification system. This enables you to know when an emergency situation is near you.

More Benefits and Options

An Icon-Based Interface

i-1-1 takes the ambiguity out of translating a message by using clear, labeled icons as means to translate information.

Your Exact Location

Unlike triangulation, which is the most typical means of location detection for emergency centers, i-1-1 uses a complex combination of location detection technologies to pin point your exact location.

A Consistent Format

Most miscommunication between emergency callers and responders is due to the inconsistent format in which information is transferred. i-1-1 transfers info in the way emergency call centers are familiar with and with the right amount of information.

A Data Driven Approach

i-1-1 constantly analyzes data to make sure the emergencies that are more relevant are also most visibile within the app.

Multi-language Support

Accessibility and emergency services should be as easy to use for non-English speakers as English speakers. Choose your lanauge in the app’s settings and your interface will adapt.

Noise Free

Often times those in an emergency can’t make a noise. Our system allows those in need to contact authorities in silence.