Keep you and your loved ones safe

Report emergencies in under 10 seconds

Time is of the essence when you’re a part of an emergency. i-1-1’s icon-based delivery system allows you to quickly communicate your emergency in a format that 911 responders know and use. Learn More

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How it works

You need only two steps to quickly and accurately report an emergency.


Select Your Emergency

Choose your type of emergency from our list of commonly reported emergencies.


Verify Your Location

The app auto-detects your location to a detailed level so all you have to do is confirm your location.

Notify Your Peers with Geo-Fencing

Customize the i-11 application, by adding common areas such as your business, home, etc. to contact those in that area

Opt-In Notifications

Opt-in to receive notifications for any 9-11 emergencies occurring near you.

Additional Benefits

The average 911 call lasts 2.5 minutes and many times during an emergency, victims don’t know their exact location, can’t make a noise, or speak another language.

Location auto-detection

i-1-1 auto-detects your exact location so all you have to do is confirm that it is correct and hit send.

Noise-free communication

Often times those in an emergency can’t make a noise. Our system allows those in need to contact authorities in silence.

Multi-language support

Another common issue with the 911 system is that it doesn’t support multiple languages. Our system solves that.

The Backstory

“It seemed odd that the public alerted the government of a crisis, but then the government had no way to alert any and all citizens within that crisis. Especially since everyone has a computer in their pocket. We have Amber alerts, Weather alerts and Senior Alerts … but no active Crisis alerts.”